Skylanders Superchargers Rides on iOS Soon

Activision as the game’s developer of Skylanders game series has recently announced to continue to launch the next series which is called as Skylanders Superchargers

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In this new series, it will come with a few new features that are not found in previous ones.
Here, you will be able to use vehicles in the game to fight enemies, travel around the environments and more.

Also, you will also have the ability to control some brand new ones coming with powerful new special abilities called Superchargers.
You can also use a super powered vehicle by pairing them in the game.

On the other side, all Skylanders can then use vehicles so it will not really be needed to get the new Superchargers figurines.

This new series will also include different types of SuperChargers for different modes of transportation from land, air to sea that will be in a total of 20 different vehicles to ride on.

You will also deal with the enemy, Kaos that wants to use a new devastating weapon to wreak havoc on the Skylanders universe and it is the time to stop him with any mean necessary.

With these vehicles, you can simply avoid objects and make it to the end of any level involving your vehicle.

You will also be brought to the upgrades scattered through the levels and you can use those upgrades to improve on your vehicle and change the way as you want to.
Moreover, there is multiple ways to get around the different levels while exploring more of them for more items.

Like you have seen from the trailer, you will see the first new SuperCharger riding his vehicle, called the Spitfire.
You will see the tires on the Spitfire glowing with blue energy and a jet that will provide thrust out of the back end.
Later on, the Spitfire will pick up speed rolls along the roof of cave and quickly spits out the back.

In related to the first launch of this game, Skylanders Superchargers will soon ride on the App Store on September 20th which will be three month ahead to be available there.


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