Shooter Game Xenowerk Goes to iOS This Summer

Pixelbite has recently announced to launch their newest game that is called xenowerk, a shooting game which will shoot the ios and android devices on this summer

xenowerk walkthrough ios android

Xenowerk will be a top down shooter game where you will have to deal with hordes of weird mutants infesting an underground lab.
There, you will be on the mission to destroy their nests to make sure that these green creatures will not ever come back anymore.

To shoot those creatures, you will be armed with a variety of big guns and a flashlight, where you can explore the dark corners of each level to find and destroy the mutant’s nests.

Along the game, you will have to go through fifty levels which increase in difficulty as you progress
Thus, you will have to upgrade your firepower and armor by gathering pick ups dropped by dead mutants during your mission.

On the other side, you will also have a bunch of special powers to use that boost your offensive power.
You can use several of these at a time for a serious firepower boost when dealing with tough mutants there

In related to this game, it will come along with features such as a lot of stages of varying difficulty, plenty of weapons to collect and use and more.

Meanwhile, this game game will also include an upgrade system which will allow you to improve your weapons and armor and several special powers that will make taking down mutants at ease.

Anyway, this game, Xenowerk will be soon launched sometime this Summer on the App Store.
And, an exact release date has to be confirmed yet
So, just stay tuned on this page in order to the review or even walkthrough of Xenowerk on ios and android platforms.


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