Shifter as A Puzzle Game Goes to iOS

For few days next, a fresh puzzle game called Shifter! that is developed by Artem Cheranev will go to the apple store

shifter walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide a tiny bearded man shuffling across the eerie landscape and it features a series of puzzles located high in the sky.

Here, this man triggers switches that will open up strange-looking door-mouths which will be able to teleport him to the next area
Ever area in this game will be floating in mid-air.

Your main objective here is to reach the end of each stage by activating a variety of special mechanisms.
Sometimes, you will also have to shift parts of the level around that you can do by moving them on a grid, in that this is a kind of a feature that adds quite a bit of complexity to the game.

Anyway, this game can be said as a low-key puzzle game that has been made in simple sprite-based graphics resemble Nitrome’s work
In line with this, its signature tune contains a duo between a bell and a piano which is very soothing

And, when you zoom in on Shifter!, you will see the world come apart while the pieces are in limbo, where you can switch them around and you can make inaccessible areas traversable.
If a ladder is in two pieces, you can switch things around until that ladder is whole.

Later on, you will see an opening level’s exit that often requires hitting buttons and connecting energy circuits in which you must also avoid traps and pitfalls when exploring every area in this game.

Note that, your little avatar here cannot jump, so it will rely on your foresight and cleverness to go through from one area to another.
In addition, playing with puzzle game will be fun as this will make your brain work at a time


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