Seashine Goes to iOS Soon

Pated has announced to publicly launch their first game called as Seashine, a poetic journey into the abyss that you can play on mobile platforms, ios and android one

seashine walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game seems to combine exploration, reflection, and survival.
Right now, this game is under the development and will be ready to go to the apple store soon

In this game, you will guide a fragile creature struggling to maintain an ever fading light in the deep sea

Along the game, you will have to hunt and find rare light sources to survive for a few minutes while avoiding some obstacles in this silent underworld
These light sources will be used to prevent your glow from fading out during your exploration.

You will then go through the exotic creatures looming in the dark to the natural and supernatural obstacles in the sea.

In related to the control options, this game is built in with a smooth one finger tilt and tap control scheme

So, if you often play any survival game, you may play this game on your phone
But, you have to wait until it comes to the apple store in the next few days


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