Sbaceball Arcade Game Goes to iPhone

Retro Dreamer is in the progress of the newest arcade game called SBACEBALL, where you will control a weird character equipped with a baseball bat and you will guide your character to hit baseballs dropping from above

sbaceball walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you must ensure that they go through one of the three rings located on the opposite side of the screen.

At the beginning of the game, everything will start easy enough, as the rings are located straight from the character
Later on, everything will come to more complicated with rings placed in different position and other objects that can make the ball bounce back and more.

Here, the arcade nature of the game will be pretty evident with the limited number of balls available in each stage
And, you will also have the ability to increase the score by performing chains.

On the other side, you will often see UFOs that will rebound balls behind during you
Anyway, carrying a singular series of balls and wanting to fibre together scores and bonuses will get more fun.

And, hitting a round with a bat will be so satisfying
At the same time, you will get a feeling that you can achieve something when you strike a round only a right approach to score.

At the first launch of this game, it will be giveaway with a ability to watch a video ad to get 5 some free balls.

In addition, this game sbaceball seems to be the perfect game to play on the go due to pick up and play formula.

Recently, this game has been submitted to Apple for certification and it will publicly launched on the apple store as soon as possible.
So, be sure to wait this game for being available for your phone either ios and android devices


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