Satellina as A Puzzling Survival Game Will Hipnotize iPhone Soon

Moon Kid as Indie developer will launch the first debut game on the iOS App Store, which is called Satellina, a simple color matching puzzle game where you must trace your finger through puzzles to eliminate all of the dots on the screen.

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In this game, you will be served with three sets of dots namely green, yellow, and red, in which the patterns of green, yellow, and red particles will move around the screen in sync with a catchy synthpop soundtrack.
Here, your main goal is simply to drag your finger to collect only the green particles without bumping into yellow or red ones.

Tracing over the green dots eliminates them, and once all the green dots are gone, the leftover yellow dots shift to green dots, and the red dots shift to yellow dots.
So you must clear the second set of green dots to start clearing the originally red final set of green dots.

Then, once all the green particles are collected, the yellow particles turn green, and the red turn yellow.
Later on, your next goal is to clear the screen of particles entirely.

Looking at that patter, you have to clear them all to complete the level
But, always remember not to bump the wrong color, or you will have to start over again
Always avoid yellow and red particles as well.
You can also pause and observe the pattern the puzzle flows in before jumping in to try and clear it.

Throughout the game, you will go through 50 hypnotic levels, along with a challenging and difficulty curve, that will make this game a minimalist game that sucks you in.
Anyway, the constant motion and running timer will make a great challenge and tension
However, because the particles follow repeating routes, the gameplay seems to rely as much on pattern recognition and puzzle-solving as it does on quick reflexes.

On the other side, this game uses a 1:1 offset touch control system, where you will be allowed to touch and drag anywhere on the screen to move your avatar.
Also, the game’s suites seem to be structured in a way in which completing one will unlock two more in a pyramid formation.

In addition, this game will be ready at its first launch next week, so be sure you are the first one to taste this game on the apple store


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