Rust Bucket by Nitrome Goes to iOS

Nitrome has recently announced to launch their newest game called Rust Bucket which is a kind of a turn-based roguelike game in that this game will be designed for mobile devices mainly on ios platform

rust bucket walkthrough ios android

In a glance, this game is like a touch familiar game where Nitrome has worked since the beginning of the development.

In related to this new game, it seems to share Turnament’s tile-based exploration mechanics and simple battles where you will guide a limbless hero wearing helmet to explore each area.

It can also be said that this game is a pixel art centric turn based roguelike game, which is a sequel to Flash game Turnament

This game seems to be developed by Nitrome’s Aaron Steed, the man behind the well received Ending from a while back.

So, if you are a fan of nitrome game especially for mobile, you can wait this game to come to the apple store for the few days next

Be sure to stay tuned on this page in order to get the newest info or review of this game on your phone


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