Rush Rally 2 as A New Racing Car Game Will Go to iOS

If you like plaing any racing car game on your mobile, you may be ready to test your skill in this new racing car game called Rush Rally 2 World Championship that will come to the apple store soon.

rush rally 2 walkthrough ios android

Rush Rally 2 will feature more than 72 tracks, 6 game modes, 8 cars, championship modes, downloadable ghosts and online leaderboards where you can put your high skill among other players online

This game also includes a tilt support, bonnet and chase camera modes, racing line helper, brake assists and handbrakes built in

Graphically, this game will also be made in the resolution of the 3d scene where you can feel the gameplay experience in different tracks

Moreover, it also brings GFX quality on a set of sliders for each section, where you can have real time reflections on the car in the game

You can also play Rush Rally 2 on the go either in bonnet cam or Chase cam With a bunch of some popular cars to pick, you will also get cars with the same speed and the same power as real life cars.

Anyway, this game is still under development and it will come out firstly in the beta test where it will include 1 car, the Focus RS and 6 tracks in championship mode.

In championship mode, it is a full set of rally stages played against 19 AI times which will accumulate with each stage.
Here, you will get same car with same speed that you can unlock better cars with better speed

Then, in Attract Mode, you will start your racing moment for the first time here
In this mode, you will see the main menu to be automatically loaded up a random level so that you can see a race from some nice camera angles.

You can also play this game in 60fps on any device whether you can play it with 50% resolution which is basically 1280 x 720 smoothly
Also, you will be able to enable or disable shadows and bloom to get better resolution on your mobile.


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