Rock On A Song Pop Adventure Will Come to iPhone

FreshPlanet as the developer of SongPop, a musical quiz game has just confirmed that a SongPop spin-off game will be released next week on the App Store in all regions.

rock on walkthrough ios android

This game will feature a gameplay experience similar to SongPop
Here, you just name tunes by listening to actual recordings of rock songs.
In SongPop, you will have multiple choices.

In this game, you will live out your rockstar fantasies and test your knowledge with actual recordings from rock’s greatest artists, progressing through raging concerts and wild after-parties as you go to to the advanced stages.

On the other side, you will be brought to accomplish 80 levels, along with different game mode such in the following statements

Mic Check will prompt you to get at least 5 of 10 questions right to move on to the next level.
Opener will prove your rocker mettle out of the starting gate with this quickfire trivia challenge.
Sudden Death will get you to string together correct answers in succession to progress
Arcade will allow you to play against the clock and compete with other players for the highest score.

In accordance with this, you will be quizzed in a myriad of genres namely Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, and more.

Meanwhile, you can track your friends and display your own progress on the road to stardom via Facebook.
Seemingly, this game will be one of the first major projects to be developed using Apple’s innovative new coding language Swift.

Moreover, you will get to know over 3000 songs, that will keep you rather busy for quite some time.
Also, if you really like a song you have never heard, you can also purchase it directly from the game thanks to direct links to iTunes.

In related to the first launch of this game, Rock On will be launched as a free to play game in all regions on next month.
Right now, this game is recently available in soft-launch mode in Australia
Thus, if you reside there, you can check the game out if you have access to the Australian App Store.


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