Review of South Park Super Sweet Pinball by Zen Studio

If you are playing Zen Pinball 2 and the South Park series, you will be served with the newest series of both game which is named as south park pinball

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This game is planned to be launched later this week in which a new trailer for South Park Pinball will have greeting some humble folks without temptation.

Based on the new trailer, this game will feature two tables for South Park Pinball.
The first table features most of the show’s sizable cast along with more memorable moments and icons, such as Cheesy Poofs, Mr. Hanky complete with his poo-balls bonus, rats devouring a dead Kenny and even Cartman’s probe from all of those seasons ago.

For further, Butters gets his very own Butters-centric table.
Here, Professor Chaos himself will get a table decked out with the many different versions of Butters, including Vampire Butters, Meheecan Butters and Marjorine.

In line with two tables, they are called as South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball and South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game.
Later on, these tables will be completely over the top, filled with South Park characters and events that will surely make fans of the series quite happy.

In accordance with the launch, Zen Studios has confirmed that the two South Park tables will be available for purchase inside Zen Pinball 2 for the price of $1.99 only.
Anyway, those tables will be launched as a stand alone app which is called South Park Pinball as well.

Perhaps, this new game will come to ios this week
But, Zen Pinball 2 is now available for purchase on the App Store in which this game is an excellent pinball game
So make sure to check it out if you are fans of some quick games on the go.


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