Review of Matchstick Memories as A Meta Text Adventure

CH Buckingham offers the puzzle or text adventure hybrid that will get you to make careful decisions by way of mini-games.

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The story begins when you wind through its virtual fields and forests and you do not know where you are, or even who you are
Later on, after getting progress, you will find out certain objects and scenes trigger flashes of memory which are are delivered by way of classic puzzles.

Here, you may slide and match same-colored tiles, and you may call on quick reflexes as you tap distinct game pieces.

Rather than using graphics to solidify an abstract gameplay concept, this game is trying to create a beautiful atmosphere, with little in the way of visual flair to help it.
And, the colours of the tiles is the more impressive in which you will be playing the game’s numerous puzzles on glowing or changing colour depending on how the scene is depicted in the text.

In this game, the choices you make are based on your performance in the puzzles, so you will alternate routes and story branches with different approaches to gameplay itself.

Along the game, you will match three variant of drawing a path with your finger through adjacent tiles of like color
Also, you will have to play the puzzle given you.

For further, the top left corner of the screen shows different outcomes of your scene, with differing objectives in which it might tell you to match five red blocks to open a door, or you must make fifteen matches of any other colour to go through a window.
Thus, if you really like gaming with puzzle, you must be trying to dare your brain to play this game


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