Review of Just Dance Now by Ubisoft

Recently, ubisoft has launched their newest game, just dance now which will introduce a revolutionary of dancing game by using your iPhone as a controller

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At this point, you can even use your iPad as your connected screen by simply launching the game on your tablet to start it
So just use your iPhone or iPod touch to track your moves and score your dance into the next level.

On the other words, this game will allow you to take the boogie fever from the regular game to any PC, tablet, or TV while using your iOS device to control your moves on the screen.

Usually, to dance along to the choreographed dancers on-screen, you will use your controller or Kinect, or motion control, as an controller
But, in this game, all you need to do is download it then hop into your game by providing a code that can be found at the app’s official website.

Afterwards, you will meet a surprisingly complete experience, with a catalogue of pop songs with quite impressive one.

Even though, many features are locked behind a paywall in the form of a VIP Pass, you will still access the free songs which are refreshed every day so you can at least have some semblance of choice.

For example, you can enjoy your dancing with songs such as “Gangnam Style” and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” and you will be able to access a fun selection of free songs so that you do not have to worry about spending money to get new songs.

To play this game is pretty simple as you will simply use your iPhone to start up and choose a character, then go to the official game website to get a special code.

Once getting this code, you can play using the PC or television as a monitor.
In line with this, all you will simply do is to get get the code to join, so for those who have a smartphone can get their groove on together.

In conclusion, this game is very much a streamlined experience and a great piece of entertainment if it is compared to that of the console version.
Alongside, this game is quick, free, and allows everyone to get some choreographed dances.
So if you are talented to show off your moves on the crowd, you may try this game as your initial start to take the party on the go.


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