Review of Jurrasic World The Game

Ludia with Jurassic World The Game has presented the epic action-adventure where you will be challenged to construct the theme park of in this unrivaled build-and-battle dinosaur experience.

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Here, you will can bring to life more than 50 colossal dinosaurs from the new film and challenge your opponents in earth-shaking battles.

On the other words, this game is all about building or re-building a dinosaur theme park, with extinct animals.

Also, you will be able to build a winning Battle Arena team, in that you need to design the most efficient and effective park
With this park you have built, you will allow your dinosaurs to thrive and evolve there.

On the other side, you must also discover new and amazing species of dinosaurs by getting surprise-filled card packs.

Along the game, you will be hatching dinosaurs, building guest structures, increasing the park’s footprint, and slowly earning more money to spend on more of everything in order to earn more money no matter which game you choose.

In the mean time, you can also clear away the overgrown portions of Isla Nublar, by removing rocks and other debris after clearing an area.

You will also supply types of food for them in that there is just one food source that covers both herbivores and carnivores.

After seeing your dinosaurs growing up, they will be ready to fight move along fairly quickly
At this point, you can use a simple system of action points to increase with each turn.

In this battlefield, you must try and get inside your opponent’s head and plan your attacks and defenses accordingly.
Meanwhile, you must also make use of each animals’ Class Advantage
As an illustration, carnivores have an edge against herbivores who beat out pterosaurs and so on.

Graphically, they also look very pretty and are animated very, very well.
But, Jurassic World does not support anything older than an iPhone 5s.

Anyway, this game handles card packs, in which it needs to work on player matching in the Challenge Arena or PvP in this game.


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