Review of Highrise Heroes the Towering Word Game

Noodlecake Studios has launched Highrise Heroes The Towering Word Game in which this game seems to be tetris words game that you can play on the go

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In this game, you will start at the top and work down, where you will have to accomplish over 90 levels inside the skyscraper.
Here, you will be able to create words on a grid of letters and obstacles, as well as clearing a path for Seb and friends to descend.

The story is about helping a motley crew of strangers find their way out of a wrecked building following an earthquake by spelling words.

On the other words, this game is a word-building game where you can link letter tiles to score points.
Building words will get you to build a story and a cast of characters
In line with this, this game is fueled by a melodramatic story of escape made in a weird concept with something to motivate you to continue playing.

In this game, you will play as Seb, who is an intern under the whip of a mega-corporation.
His job will be much more interesting when an earthquake rattles the building.
Here, he hits his head coming to be amnesia, as heroes do.
Because of this, he retains enough of his brains to realize he needs to get out of the building, which is filled with rubble.

Later on, you will meet other characters such as a secretary, a lawyer, a jerk, a chimpanzee, and others, each comes with specific skills that can help you with tight levels.
Lydia the lawyer can swap a character’s position with an adjacent letter tile, and you can show a valid word on the game board.

Some levels gimmicks will differ from stage to stage, but you simply get to rescue your team whose portraits are mixed up with the letter tiles
You can get them out by getting everyone to drop to the bottom of the screen.
Also, you will have to deal with challenges such dwindling oxygen, is a gas which is replenished by spelling words through the characters’ portraits.
By spelling words with five letters or more, you can overcome obstacles and explode objects.

Graphically, this game is made in good graphics and it comes with the brilliant soundtrack.
During the play, you will be opted to use multiple monetization options.
But, you can also play for free using a life system where you can only lose lives if you fail at a stage
Besides, you can unlock full game and get rid of advertisements for a fair price.

In conclusion, Highrise Heroes has a single significant flaw, but its in-game dictionary is poor, and sometimes it will not recognize valid words which does not happen often, though.
And, Highrise Heroes is a really challenging word game offering content with a good story.


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