Review of Cava Racing Challenges You to Get The Fastest Time

Umber Games has presented Cava Racing game where your skills will be tested to go through long sweeping corners and chicanes with tilt controls such as skilful slides, tactical boosts, twisted teleports that you have to master to go smoothly through each track

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Along the game, you will be assigned to chase the best lap times with your spaceship on unique tracks.
In the way of getting all of this, you must learn the curves and driving lines to rack up your rank.

Graphically, this game comes along with the original graphics and bold color choices which are extremely rad and it brings a fun twist to the tried-and-true gameplay

While the visuals are reasonably minimalistic, as they invoke a kind of futuristic feel which will be quite appealing.

During the game, you will race across six different tracks while reaching a particularly good time in the previous one.

Each race will involve completing three laps, with the fastest one going towards unlocking the next track.

To play this game, just hold a finger to the screen to accelerate and it can add another to activate a boost, then tilt the screen to speed up the space craft.

However, sometimes controlling your vehicle is not very accurate.
In the mean time, you must also be incredibly careful at all times, as you often end up making silly mistakes due to the sensitivity.

You will also be equipped with a shield at all times, which is damaged whenever you hit a wall
And, if you run out of shield power it is game over and you have to start again that will make this game annoying rather than challenging.

When racing, you will also have to collect orbs to replenish your shield
Again, this may involve some very careful maneuvering and it becomes frustrating all too easily.

Even though, this game has come with the stylish graphics but it does not take advantage of its potential.
But, if you are fan of racing game, you may try this one as a good reference.


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