Rescue Heroes in Action Goes to iOS

Recently, a new guest that is a new simulation or strategy game, which is called Rescue Heroes in Action will be launched on next month for ios and android platforms.

rescue heroes in action walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will control of a team of fire fighters to rescue people and put out fires in each area.

In line with this, the game will come along with a bunch of different situations like gas explosions, car crashes, emergency landings of planes that make this gameplay experience feel not only varied but also incredibly realistic.

Seemingly, this game has been developed from the very beginning for mobile devices so touch screen controls will be made in incredibly smooth so that it will make the experience rather enjoyable played on the go.

On the other side, some upgrades will make some later missions more easier as well as several cosmetic customization features that will allow you to alter the appearance of your team and your vehicles.
Later on, you will go through some specific themes such as Suburban, City and Industrial levels.

In addition, this seems to be an incredibly well crafted strategy game so be sure to download this game once it has been publicly launched on mobile platforms.


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