RBI Baseball 15 Will Come iPhone Android

Recently, MLBAM has officially announced R.B.I. Baseball 15 will be coming to mobile platforms ios and android soon in which this game will come along with high-resolution graphics and new features as well

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Besides coming along with some new features, you will be able to play in all 30 teams’ stadiums that you can do along with the giant home run sculpture at Marlins Park in full effect.

Every team’s 25-man roster will be available from their 40-man roster, so you can swap out prospects.
Moreover, many simulations struggle with the 40-man roster concept, so this thing will make this game even great and exciting enough.

Also, you can see stat tracking, and online play has been announced as well
You will see Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs will be the cover athlete in this game.

R.B.I. Baseball 15 will also features on its off-season while remaining fast-paced and fun to play with the genre’s classic two-button controls.
Here, you can master the art of hitting and fielding easily with the retro controls
Then, you can manually manage the movement and location of every pitch from release to crossing the plate.

the feature ballparks will be completely redesigned authentic Major League ballparks for all 30 franchises
Each of them is crafted with detailed design characteristics that is easy to recognize.

In full rosters, you can play with complete 25 man Major League rosters for all 30 teams
In the mean time, you can also modify your batting order or pitching rotation at any point.
You can try to set the active 25 man roster from each franchise’s 40 man roster.

Stat tracking feature will track batting and pitching statistics in season mode, which includes viewable team, player and season league leaderboards.

You can also take your friend to play this game in online multiplayer mode in friendly and ranked games.
Meanwhile, when playing with ai, you can select the competition level from Easy, Medium to Hard mode.

For further, this game will include more than 1,000 active Major League players in its roster database
And, R.B.I. Baseball 15 will also include detailed on-field attributes for every player, and it will show you an updated data from the hundreds of millions of data points collected and analyzed by MLBAM.

Seemingly, RBI Baseball really eschews any modern gameplay advances in baseball simulations
On the other side, the additional features in RBI Baseball 15 should be enticing enough to check this this game out later on in this spring.


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