Rayman Adventures Will Go to iOS Soon

Ubisoft has popular game called Rayman which has few series available on the App Store and Google Play
In line with this, you may have played Rayman Jungle Run and its sequel, Rayman Fiesta Run on the go.

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Both series have similar in genre that is as autorunners game that has been wrapped with intricately designed levels and challenges designed for mobile platforms.

Recently, Ubisoft is being in the progress to continue its new series of Rayman franchise, called Rayman Adventures that will be made for ios and android devices

In this game, you will go to an amazing adventures through legendary worlds on a quest
Here, your main mission is to rescue the Incrediballs!, while collecting a bunch of items along the stage

You will then go on your adventure through haunted medieval castles to the mythical worlds of Olympus
In other words, you can your fearless adventurer, Barbara, and his Viking companion are set out in search of the Incrediball eggs to bring new life into the sacred tree

In related to the premier of the game, the developer has not yet confirmed the exact time and date when it will be ready for ios and android
Thus, just stay on this page to get the recent updates, review or even walkthrough related to this game


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