Random Heroes 3 Comes to iOS

Ravenous Games is the game developer of random heroes franchise in which they will be back to mobile along with its newest series of random game, entitled random heroes 3 that will be launched soon

random heroes 3 walkthrough ios android

In line with this, this game is the third and final entry in their Random Heroes saga of action platformers.

At this moment, this game seems to get close to completion
Approximately, this game is already approved and ready to launch this week.

Later on, this game will bring new features such as the character designs, enemies, and weapons that are made all very cool
Here, you will go through long levels and it seems to be fairly boring design-wise.

However, the previous of this game, Random Heroes 2 is quite great with all the shortcoming of the first game in wonderful fashion.
On the other side, this new game, Random Heroes 3 will be more of the same but it will be bigger and badder with new weapons, new characters, and some new mechanics, which are wrapped inside
So, just wait this game for walking to ios and make sure you are the first one getting this game.


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