Raiders Quest Will Go to iOS Soon

For the next few days, the apple store will get a new guest that is Raiders Quest in which this game brings a new RPG that you can play on the mobile versions

raiders quest walkthrough ios android

Recently, this game is in the progress to be launched on ios and android markets publicly
And, the developer is still about to look for any feedback, bugs, and suggestions to be input in this game

This game tells about The Void who has returned to claim his vengeance.
And, you may join The Guild of Raiders as new hero to fight against the Void with 50+ heroes from 6 powerful elements

In this game, you will freely pick some unique heroes taken from 6 powerful elements then you will guide them to battle with colossal monsters, dragons, titans, and many more.

At the same time, you will also have to gather up epic loot and legendary gears to be equipped for your heroes to go exploring through 100s of treacherous dungeons.

Later on, you will often be served with daily giveaways which will always have the resources to keep playing.

Moreover, be sure to take part in the exciting special events and quests that will give you a chance to collect some special drop items from there.

You will then be able to compete with other Raiders in the Arena where you will get a chance to show who will be the strongest Raider in the realm.

After exploring some dungeons and getting more experience through them, you can now test your skills by joining together with other players to create the ultimate Guild and battle with your rivals online

You may play this game on your device either on ios and android devices
So, if you are a fan of mobile RPGs, you may have to try this one on your mobile.

In related to the premier launching of this game, the specific launching date has yet to be confirmed from the developer
However, if you really want to taste this game for the first time, you may be the beta tester by signing up through the official site


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