Raceline CC Goes to iOS This Summer

This summer, a new motorbike racing game will go to mobile
This game is called Raceline CC that seems to serve stylish in design and gameplay.

raceline cc walkthrough ios android

It is likely similar to a drag racer than a conventional racing game
In this game, you will play your way through various races, while using up fuel before waiting for it to regenerate.
This new motorbike racing game will focus on the speed to play more fun

Here, every race will take about 30 seconds to complete.
In line with this, a quick and steady tap will be your main key to make it true
And, the rest is a matter of dodging around traffic.

Anyway, you can reach high speeds by drafting behind vehicles.
When it is about to do that action, you will see a visual indicator guiding you when is the best time to pull around them
Once you can successfully dodge around cars, you will sense your own satisfaction.

If you can do it well, the race can be constantly frantic and it is ultimately very fast.
But, if you do it wrong, you get stuck behind a vehicle and all the rhythm will vanish soon.

Along the game, you will be introduced with a grid-based challenge, where you can partake in a series of challenges for an ultimately good prize as reward.

These rewards can be exchanged for some upgrades that will really help you on the race track
In addition, this game is still in the progress and it will come to the apple store sometimes in this summer.
However, the developer seems not to reveal the first launching of this game publicly


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