Qube as First Person Cube Puzzler Will Come to iPhone

Toxic Games as indie studio based on UK has just announced that first-person puzzler Q.U.B.E. will be coming to the iOS version soon.

qube walkthrough ios android

In related to this news, the developer has confirmed that QUBE will be running on iOS, so you can solve the puzzle on your mobile.

This game will feature great control system, where you can control with two virtual d-pads, presumably one for movement and the other for looking.

Anyway, if you are big fans of qube game, you may find this game to be launched firstly on PC a few years ago.
Moreover, this game has since arrived on Wii U and PS3 as well.

Similar to the console version, this game still focuses on a first-person puzzler in which you will be able to manipulate cubes by elongating them, and interacting with them in other ways, so that you can solve your way through puzzle rooms.

Recently, there have been no updates regarding Q.U.B.E. until now, whether everything related to the launching date except the game trailer that you can see around the net at this moment.


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