Puzzle Blitz Will Come to iPhone Soon

Little White Bear Studios as the creator of some puzzle games on ios has been in a progress for making all sorts of different puzzle games for mobile platforms.

puzzle blitz walkthrough ios android

As you know that this developer seems to fill their whole App Store catalog with a bunch of different varieties of tangram style puzzles.

At this moment, they have been making its newest game related to the puzzle which is named as Puzzle Blitz in that this game is a new puzzler in the works coming next week.

Anyway, it will be pretty cool, because there are 450 different puzzles are included and the name of the game is completing them as fast as possible.

And, every time you complete each puzzle, the time will be added to the clock and you can see how much longer you can go.

In related to this game, it will cost around $1.99, with no IAP or any other currency included within
In addition, this game will be launched soon and it seems like a feature worth boasting about.


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