Puppet Punch is Soft Launched to iOS Android in Some Regions

Kedoo is in the progress of building its newest game, Puppet Punch that will be ready for ios and android in this month

puppet punch walkthrough iphone android

Puppet Punch is a kind of an interesting action game where you must control the young Pablo as he punches puppets dropping on the screen from above.

From there, Pablo will be terrorized overhead by a variety of different puppets, from creepy marionettes to Chinese dragon dance puppets.

Some of the puppets will be equipped with protections, so you have to rapidly punch all over the screen when dealing with the puppet peril Pablo’s placed in and it seems to have fun blasting away at the myriad of puppets that come his way

To do so, you will simply have to tap them as soon as they pop up.
Along the game, you can also restart from the beginning of the round and also collect a variety of power-ups that will ease your punching tasks toward the puppets.
Furthermore in the stage, you will be assigned to fight and beat powerful bosses.

During in each stage, you can collect coins, that will later on be used for some cool stuffs
Besides, you will also collect some boost items that can be used mid-battle, ability upgrades, and cosmetic upgrades to use as well.

On the other side, this game will be free-to-play with a two-tier currency, the hard currency of mechs used for revives and early unlocks, with some incentive video ads available to get some for free.

In addition, this game is not going to be the deepest game available on the App Store but it will surely provide some hours of good fun.


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