Promo Coupon Code for Cardpacks in Valhalla Lost iPhone

Valhalla Lost from Proficient City can be categorized into an epic CCG or collectible card game for the android platform recently in which this game is based on Norse mythology.

valhalla lost proficient city walkthrough ios android

In other words, playing this game will get you to focus mostly on strategy
Here, you will be able to pick one of 4 heroes, in which every hero comes along with multiple hero skills
Later on, you will then summon gods, demon, dragons and more to help them battle across the world tree.

This game also serves a nice 3D graphics with special effects
It also features UI changes, and you can deal with world bosses in some levels.

In line with this first launch of this game, it offers some in game rewards which you can get with promo code
So, just use this promo code 5PLLOYCPNLLQ to allow you to get some extra in-game rewards, and to purchase some cardpacks.

You can also play this game against your friends or challenge others all over the world in pvp mode so that you can show your most powerful deck ever created and become the master to League for honor in this CCG.

For further, you will also be brought to collect a bunch of unique Norse mythology cards in which each type can trigger different gorgeous effects by combining them

Also, it brings armor, block, traps, wards and other brand new battle elements into the game, which will make new rules for this new CCG.


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