Preview Teaser of Marvel Contest of Champions by Kabam

Marvel which is popular of fighting games products will proudly present a big-budget Marvel brawler game on consoles wrapped in the new free-to-play mobile entitled Marvel: Contest of Champions.

marvel contest of champion walkthrough ios android

Recently, Kabam’s upcoming comic book brawler has a new trailer of that new game, that you can expect Marvel Contest of Champions release date to happen this December.

This game is an immersive, high-action, high-fidelity super hero combat game for ios and android where you can fight your way through iconic locations from the Marvel Universe and collect your favorite Marvel super heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor then you can build your ultimate team of champions.

Seemingly, the fans with iOS and Android brawler will allow to punch Hulk in the face with a few simple screen swipes
The control option will be wrapped into neat touches that fans of nuanced fighting games will appreciate.

Here, all you will have to do is simply to tap, swipe and hold down on the right side of the screen to perform strikes at various strengths

At the same time, you can also block attacks by holding down on the left side of the screen.
You can also dash backward and lunge forward with quick swipes, and you can move faster as well.

This game will come with many fighters, where you will be able to play as and against dozens of iconic Marvel characters, such as mainstays Spider-Man, Hulk, Star-Lord, Winter Soldier and classic comic characters like Black Bolt and the Vision.

On the other side, this game gives you a super meter at the bottom of the screen that fills up with each successful attack.

Just try to fill that meter along the way to unleash crushing super moves, that will give you the game’s most gratifying moments.

At the beginning of the story, this game revolves around The Collector, who has gathered and summoned heroes and villains from all over the Marvel Universe to take down longtime comic villain Kang.

For further, you will be able to watch Hulk and Wolverine battle it out in the Savage Lands, Gamora take on Ronan in the Kyln, and Deadpool brawl Punisher in the Avengers Tower.
The, Super villains Kang the Conqueror and Thanos will wait in their corners to perform their own epic battles to destroy the Marvel universe.

In line with this, you will be given an excuse to put together just about any team imaginable from the game’s vast roster.

In addition, this game will offer you a gorgeous, cartoony aesthetic, sporting along with some neat lighting effects and plenty of detail in characters’ suits.

Later on, you will be able to build up your fighters with every battle
Alongside, stat bonuses will be activated when you pair up characters with special relationships, such as the romantic duo of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

Moreover, you will also find Wolverine in yellow spandex suit.
Playing this game for a while will get you to a blast trading blows with Marvel’s most famous characters, and you will look forward to more in the full game that will be launched in early December.


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