Preview Teaser of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

The classic Tomb Raider video-game series will get new sequel which is entitled Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris in which this game is developed by Crystal Dynamics studio

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For further, the game will be launched for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on December.
As a top-down hack-and-slash game, this game will allow up to four players to cooperate and to explore tombs and rescue the ancient Egyptian god Osiris.

This game is based on the actual Egyptian myths, and it revolves around the story of Osiris’ murder and dismemberment at the hands of his brother Set.
Because of this, Lara and rival archaeologist Carter Bell have to reveal the Temple of Osiris, and they must help Osiris’ wife, the goddess Isis, and their son Horus to get back Osiris’ pieces from the various tombs in his temple to put the god back together again.

Throughout the game, you can jump and run as well as fighting against enemies along the way
This game will get you to some exploring levels in a third-person top-down perspective and fighting off waves of Egyptian-themed enemies.

When playing this game, you can play in single-player mode or with up to three friends, either in local co-op or online.
In single-player mode, you will be able to take a control of Lara, who can use her grappling hook and a magical Egyptian staff, guns and bombs, to traverse tombs and solve puzzles at a time.

Then if some players join the game, they can take the role of either Isis or Horus, the ancient Egyptian gods.
In this mode, the Egyptian god has got the staff and you will have the grappling hook and work together with your partners to pass the levels.
Later on, you can also play either as the other Egyptian god or as Carter Bell.

As you have seen in the trailer, it was played by four-player, then the game’s levels will rearrange themselves based on the number of people playing.
In single-player, you can play the whole level by yourself.
In two-, three- or four-player games, each player will be able to cooperate to pass certain obstacles along the way.

Anyway, even you can work together, you can also compete for the most enemies killed or gold coins collected.
Here, yo can also use bombs to knock other players off their feet.

On the other side, in order to increase replayability, this game will allow you to change the game from night to day and choose between various weather types.
Doing so will change the types of enemies that appear.

In addition at the first of the launch, this game will come in the digital download, along with the gold edition, a physical disc, a Lara Croft figurine, an art book and extra content including new tombs and character costumes that you can get for free within the pack


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