Preview of Titan Empires with Base Designs by PerBlue

Titan Empires is the newest game from perblue which focuses on the building defense both in terms of saving resources and doing great in wars against any incoming villain.

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Furthermore, having a great base is not as easy as you imagine, whereby you have to build that perfect base layout to survive along the game.
Here, you have to build the most protected area of the base in which if that is defeated, all is lost.

On the other side, you must place decoys in front of walls as these are all the buildings which are not defensive or the Keep.
At this point, you can leave one or two rows between walls and your decoy buildings, for the enemies to have more distance to cover.

Alongside, you can then place moats and walls in the right position
Anyway, if you place a moat near a wall, it is considered a breach and enemies will be allowed to enter there.

So be sure everything is nicely connected and you do not have any open spaces.
you can use moats just like decoy buildings to spread out your base even further and you can place it one row in front of the walls, then leave a row and place buildings.
In line with this, the enemy troops will have a ton of space to cover and maybe you will win just enough time for a perfect defense.

With faster-paced combat and clever tactics, you should train and equip your powerful Titans to unleash a flurry of skills in battle.

In order to get help fortifying your city, you can join an Empire of players and use your Titans to defend friends from would-be raiders.

Meanwhile, you are able to also gather free Essence to build your city and train your army as well
Also, try to equip and customize your Titans with tons of magical items
You can even compete in new Master Ranks Seasons or help your Empire rise to the top
In addition, always try to build your own perfect base along the game


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