Preview of Swap Heroes is Turn Based Fantasy Strategy Game

A new fantasy strategy game will be released next week on the App Store, in which this game comes with a unique battle system and a really unique one.

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In this game, you will have to make a party and battle countless enemies in a turn based system.
Every character will be categorized into a specific class which comes with different stats and abilities.

To perform some action for your characters, you must swap the positions of two characters every turn, with only the ones on the front line being able to act.
The character on the very back is able to use a special support skill, as well as adding a deeper strategic element.

The game`s presentation will be quite good where the game’s pixel art has been created by Tori Sang, the artist being the Scribblenauts games while the soundtrack has been created by Matt Creamer.
Thus, this will make this game a casual turn-based strategy adventure.

To play this game, you will simply pick out a party of four characters which are from a total of eight heroes, in which you will use to battle through waves of enemies in turn-based combat system.

To take a turn, all you will have to do is to swap the positions of two people in your party.
And, the three characters in the front will then attack your enemies.
Meanwhile, swapping a character to the single position at the back will see them using their skill.

Each character will have a unique skill tied to their class in which this ranges from Priest and Guardian, to Ranger and Vampire.

Again, this game is supposedly to be a casual game, where any one member of your party dies, they all do in which this makes certainly pack a challenge.

Along the game, the gold that you earn from successful battles can be used to purchase the various character upgrades available in the shop.


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