Preview of Superhyper by Sets and Settings

After launching Irrupt, the upcoming Trestle, a Super Crate Box meets Mega Man Battle Network, now sets and settings will launch its upcoming game which is entitled Superhyper on the App store.

superhyper high score walkthrough

This game is categorized into a rather challenging lane-based endless runner, where you have to try to survive an onslaught of tricky layouts and oncoming blocks along the game
To do so, you must use only lane-switching and a short warp forward to dodge them.

Later on this game, you will have to score as high as possible
Here, scoring is all about how long you can last then you can get into triple digits as an easy task.

The developer of this game promises that it will be an endless runner game for people who want a difficult, purist challenge in the vein of Super Hexagon, rather than the upgrade-fests of games like Subway Surfers.

This game will be minimalist and fun to play in that it will put as few barriers between a player’s skill and its performance as possible.

In line with this, this game will then feature three different difficulty modes namely Super, Hyper, and Superhyper, with multiple control schemes, and an up-tempo soundtrack served by IsYourGuy.

In addition, this game is for those who like challenging minimalist arcade games
And, it is not to mention pixel art, but it assures you to keep an eye on as prerelease builds have shown promise for a really fun final product.


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