Preview of Skater by Frosch Media

Few week ago Frosch Media came to ios along with the skateboarding game, skater as their newest game
But, it had been having a really hard time as it was soon removed due to some bug that prevented the game from functioning properly on iphone device.

skater wakthrough ios android

Anyway, the game has been in the works for some time, and now it has finally encountered new improvements that will be compatible with smartphone device.

Now, Skater is finally available once again on the App Store, which is ready to give you its unique gameplay experience to video gamers all over the world.

This game form frosch media is a really unique skateboarding game which focuses on actual skateboarding, where you will have to tap and swipe the right parts of the board to perform tricks.
Based on these gameplay features, you will be challenged to do the most simple of tricks with your skateboard in this game.

On the other side, Skater may introduce a steep learning curve since no other game in similar has never tried something like this before
In this game, the mechanics have been fully understood, and it becomes a really rewarding experience for anyone to play it.

In addition, this game also allows you to show the world how good you have performed every trick by recording and sharing it
This recording feature is a kind of a neat feature which adds another incentive for mastering the game’s unique controls.


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