Preview of Scrolls Mojang Card Battle Game for iPhone Android

Mojang studio based in Stockholm, Sweden has developed Scrolls, in which this game is categorized into a card-based tactics battler game.

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Back in 2012, this game was the subject of a trademark dispute with Bethesda Softworks, who argued that the title of this game infringed on their Elder Scrolls series.

In line with this, based on Microsoft’s recent announcement, it will contribute Mojang for $2.5 billion once again concerning the studio or its games.

According to Owen Hill, who is Mojang’s self-styled Chief Word Officer, this newest game will be fully released next month about late November

In accordance to the first impression of this game, it is a collectible card game at heart where you will be able to create decks of combat units, spells, and support structures and you can also use them against other players online.

Here, you must balance your deck’s long-term strategy with turn-by-turn decision-making
Anyway, Scrolls seems to add a second tactical layer in which the game board has been replaced by a hex-lined battlefield
And, it whereabouts your scheming goblins, fell wolves, and armored knights that will plop into existence in this game.
Then, by positioning and troop movement with a great mind, you will be able to attack your opponent and defend your own resources well.

For further, the developer then intends to launch a “final” version of Scrolls on PC, Mac, and iOS and Android tablets at the same time
But, at this moment, Mojang will not be aiming for phones with the first version, says Henrik Pettersson, a producer and artist for the game.

When it is available on iOS, this game will take shape as a free-to-download app that will let you play a few rounds as a dummy user
However, if you want to unlock the full-fat version of the game, you must pay it for a $5 in-app store.

On the other side, if you have already signed up for the desktop version, this game`s cross-platform features will come to accounts, rankings, and multiplayer in which you will be allowed to load the full game on your iPad as soon as possible.

In addition, for the final release, this game will be taking out of beta, then it will be continued to large scale later on.
This game will come along with more cards, more units, and more features.
In the newest recent update, this game introduces 56 new Scrolls, new spells and mechanics, and a new market for players to trade and sell items at a time.


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