Preview of Republique Episode Three by Camouflaj

The adventure game République, which is produced by Camouflaj has entered into third episode which will be called as République – Episode Three: Ones & Zeros

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Seemingly, this is finally going to be launched next week on the App Store and it is also going to be the biggest episode of the series so far.

The episode’s length which is over 3 hours will not be its only remarkable feature, as it will include new abilities, new Prizrak variations, a Sleepyhead mine and a new puzzle tha is called The Morning Bell Online edition.

For anyone who has purchased the game’s Season Pass will be allowed to download the new episode for free from October 23rd.
But if you are new to this game, you may be able to have it with $4.99 as the price.

In line with this, the team has also confirmed that the price of the first episode will be lowered to $2.99 in which it is to celebrate the launch of Episode Three: Ones & Zeros.

On the other side, the second République episode has been launched back in May on the App Store.
And the episode improved on the gameplay experience of the first one by adding a new 3D Map, a new guard type and new OMNI abilities.

In addition, you can now learn more about it by checking out Republique review and it will be needed the second episode to be played.


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