Preview of Agent of Storm Strategy Game

A new strategy game that you have seen on the net so far has inspired some game developer to make some in similar in form of new versions

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In line with this, the new one will come form remedy games which will launch its new game soon to App Store.

This game is entitled Agents of Storm which is a strategy, in which the team behind other high profile games such as Alan Wake and the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break.

The game itself has been categorized into a reverse tower defense action strategy game, where you will be able to build your own base on island locations and create ships used to defend it.
Here, it will also be possible to simply send these ships to attack enemies, as well as making the experience a little more involving.

On the other side, this game features pretty much everything one presenting strategy or tower defense games like plenty of vehicles to employ, enemies to defeat and more actions.

In addition, this game seems to be a solid experience with some interesting twists and true gameplay formula.
However, this game is still unavailable and you have to wait until Thursday to get the game hit the App Store in all regions.
Plus, this game is planned to be free to download and play.


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