Positron New Maze Arcade Game Goes to iPhone

The apple store will get a new guest that is a new arcade game called Positron developed by Retroburn that will be launched soon there

positron walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game is like Tron lightcycles in a glance
It has been adapted so much from the original arcade Tron that many people likely know lightcycles’ mechanics without having played that original game.

Retroburn’s Positron is one of arcade games, which brings this lightcycle-inspired game to mobile as well as Steam, hopefully soon.
In line with this, this game will deliver maze-centric lightcycle action.

Along the game, you will explore a maze, trying to make it to the goal while also reacting to oncoming walls, finding the right paths, .

Again, this game will feature quite a few of these mazes where you will have to navigate through them and try to get to the end without crashing into walls, and avoiding the hazard of your own light trail left behind you.

Anyway, this game, Positron has already been made available on other platforms.
You can see the new version of the game, which will also be launched on Steam, will not be the same one released on Xbox Live but an improved version.

Recently, this game is being in the development and some improvements will receive for its new release have yet to be detailed but more will surely come in soon.

In related to the first launch of this game, it will be launched on a yet to be confirmed release date on iOS.
So, if you are big fans of Tron, you may have to try install and play this game on your phone.


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