PBA Slam Will Come to iOS

As you may have known that the PBA was the first Asian professional basketball league, in that it is the second oldest league behind the NBA that has been active since 1975 till this time.

pba slam walkthrough ios android

In line with this the developer Ranida Games has partnered with PBA will introduce an officially licensed basketball game to ios and android platform

And, this game is named as PBA Slam which is like the original NBA Jam that is a classic arcade basketball game, where you will not be able to replicate by throwing 4 professional basketball players on a court and animating a bunch of crazy dunks and flaming balls.

In this game, PBA Slam will feature players from the Philippine Baskeball Association, which is the second oldest basketball league in the world

Besides, a gameplay experience will share more than a few similarities with NBA Jam, with only two players per team on the field.

Anyway, there is no way to know right now if PBA Slam will be as good as the original NBA Jam but you may decide this game on your own.

In addition, in related to the first launch of this game, PBA Slam will be set to release sometime in April, whereby this game is now being in the progress for final touch.


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