Parallels Platformer Puzzle Game Will Go to iOS

An indie developer RisingHigh has recently announced to launch their new interesting puzzle or platform game called Parallels

parallels walkthrough ios android

This game is designed to be launched on the iOS devices, in which it is a very nice game offering a simple and engaging gameplay experience.

In this game, all you will do is to navigate a sphere through a variety of stages, colorful world named as Parallels.
During in your journey, you will have to progress through the shadows of ever changing light.

In related to the control options, you will be served with a simple one button jump system, where you will have to react fast, while thinking about the cunning timing to reach the safety of the Parallel checkpoints so that you can save your game progress automatically.

Within the package, you will get through a ton of levels with more being added daily
To make this game come to alive, it is added with ambient soundtrack which will make a good sound while you are playing

This game also features over 5 Massive Color Worlds and 30 Checkpoints, which will be offering quite a bit of content.

In accordance with the first launch, this game will firstly come to Steam then it will soon come to the iOS and Android versions sometimes in December
Thus, you can stay tuned for all the newest updates on this interesting game.


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