Paper Dungeons with Creation Mode Will Come to iOS Soon

Agent Mega is now in final progress to make paper Dungeons, the newest game come to ios and android users can taste this game for $2.86 in a price

paper dungeons walkthrough ios android

And, this game will feature dungeon crawlers in all shapes and sizes, and it will satisfy every type of dungeon crawling fan where you can go wild with your own creativity.

In line with this, Paper Dungeons boasts four different play modes namely Boardgame, Campaign, Puzzle and Rogue–as well as some additional modes that allow for customization, like a level and campaign editor that will provide a bunch of variety to the overall experience.

Anyway, for those who are ios users, you will have to wait this game for coming to the apple store next month.

You will be brought to experience one of the best features included in this game that is the ability to customize a single stage, create a campaign complete with story and more.
And, the ability to share these creations also expands the game considerably.

In addition, this game from Agent Mega will be the perfect game for all fans of dungeon crawler games who would like to create their own game.
And, anyone with high creativity will be allowed to invest time in the creation mode here.


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