Pang Adventures Arcade Game Will Bounce into iOS Soon

Pang as Arcade Game that was made on consoles is now going to be launched on mobile platforms, mainly for ios and android devices

pang adventures walkthrough ios android

Anyways, this new game called as Pang Adventures which is developed and sponsored by DotEMU and Pasta Games.

In this game, you will be able to control a boy who is equipped with various weapons to poop balloons bouncing around the stage.

Every time, he attacks a balloon it makes a split into more smaller balloons, so that it will make it more difficult to avoid all of them while trying to pop them for having a great result.

In a glance, this game will feature a gameplay experience not all that different from the classic Pang.
This new series of pang game will also give some surprises and new features

Recently, there is no related news related to the first launch to mobile
In line with this, Pang Adventures will soon be launched on a yet to be confirmed release date on the App Store.
So, just stay tuned on this page to get the newest info related to this game


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