One Piece Treasure Cruise Will Sail to iPhone Android

One Piece game franchises has been going through some series and this upcoming mobile game that is called One Piece: Treasure Cruise by Bandai Namco will come to this spring for iOS and Android through its vast oceans and many story arcs.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise is a kind of a tap-based action game that will bring you to go through iconic moments from the series’ storyline.

Here, you will simply tap your heroes with good timing to make combos that will make your villains flying on the air.

Additionally, each character in the game has their own special abilities such as standard punches and kicks for the Straw Hat Pirates or their enemies.

If you can chain together attacks with certain characters in a specific order, it will come to a Tandem Attack that delivers a large amount of damage to enemies standing in your way.
In the One Piece Universe, you will either fight big, or you walk the plank.

Anyway, the gameplay itself is pretty simple, as you will put together your team of Mugiwara pirates and friends in which your characters here will be equipped with health, attack, healing, and combos.

Also, they will have various attribute-types, such as skill, power, speed, heart, and wisdom
In line with this, you can see Zoro with wisdom and Usopp with power attribute

Later on, you will also see the characters all have their own signature moves like Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, and many others, that will come in handy during the fights.

As usual, the story will mention that it starts out when Luffy first meets Shanks and gets his hat, followed by the encounter of his first crewmate Zoro.

In addition, the poster for the game will show Blackbeard, Doflamingo, and others, so it can be said that it goes up to at least the Marineford Arc.


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