New Series of Contra Evolution Will Go to iOS Soon

If you ever played Contra Evolution, a shooting mobile game, either on the ios or android platforms, you may be happy as this game will continue to launch its newest series

contra new series walkthrough ios android

As you may have known that this game is developed by Konami
Similar to other Konami games, there is no new Contra series which has been developed in a long time
Anyway,this game is now being in the development to be launched on iOS devices in the future.

But, now the new Contra game series will currently be developed by Tencent, a chinese team working on other popular games such as the Monster Hunter series

In line with this, it is not surprising anymore to see another popular franchise getting handled by this team.

However, the actual details on the game are not publicly announced first
Similar to the previous series of Contra, this will be in the same form that is a side-scrolling shooter game

Along with this pack, the new series will come to mobile in a free to play title with a little bit of microtransactions.

Again, this game may only be confirmed for the chinese market
Sometimes, it may also come to the West in English version.

In addition, this new Contra series will be launched in the future on the App Store in China.
Again, there is no specific info related to this game launched to Western
Thus, if you are the big fan of Contra game, you may have to wait this game to come out in all regions
If you really want to play this game, you can get it from the App Store in China region


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