Natural Born Soldier as A Multiplayer FPS Goes to iOS

For the next few days, the apple store will get a new guest that is a multiplayer fps genre called Natural Born Soldier that you can play mainly on the ios device

natural born soldier walkthrough ios android

Now, Natural Born Soldier is in the progress for the final touch and it is in beta testing with Erlibird community and polishing the game with the good quality

Anyway, the game will be available for free without ads and in-app purchase

This game is made for fast paced action shooter, with realistic mechanics with some certain features that will support the best experience gameplay compatible on the mobile platforms

With great features, you can push the customization to another level for mobile
Also, you can customize your 3D character with your own face, avatar or anything you like

Along the game, you will also play on line in multiplayer mode
You can play in 5 game modes, and you can have and use 11 weapons consisting of 4 basics weapons and 7 ones that you have to unlock later on

You will also be able to use easy, intuitive and customization controls such as MFi controller
This also supports stable, and reliable servers for multiplayer mode


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