My Dolphin Show Has 1 Million Active Players Monthly

My Dolphin Show is a unique game with a colourful title where you will play as a Flipper-esque dolphin and a range of other aquatic creatures.

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Your main objective in this game is to follow your trainer’s instructions and splash your way into people’s hearts by jumping through hoops and bashing beach balls.

Later on, you will be able to earn newer and more complicated moves in which you will go through the crowd if successfully pulled off.

Whenever you move through the game, you will earn rewards including 30 cute outfits that can transform your dolphin into other creatures, like a fluffy polar bear or even a majestic mermaid.

My Dolphin Show will be suitable for kids as it is full of competitions and tricky challenges, as well as stunts that need to be worked on.
Playing this game will train your child to make decisions as a team in a relaxed and safe environment.

Recently, the web version of My Dolphin Show has been played more than 120 million times.
In line with this, this game has amassed over six million installs since its release, and it has one million active users who play this game each month.


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