My Country 3D Goes to Mobile iOS Android

If you have played any city simulator game on your phone, you may have heard that My Country 3D developed by Game Insight will be realized soon for ios and android platforms

my country 3d walkthrough ios android

In this game, it will present a combination of the city and the building elements where you will often meet townsfolk when building your city

Buildings here will include a bunch of customization, and different citizens will be asked to fulfill different roles in your city.

Here, you can also view your city from a birds eye view or zoom down to street level and talk to individual citizens.
And, you can have the option to customize your buildings to an unspecified degree.

In the first gameplay of this game, you will meet a cab driver without a place of employment.
So, you will have to build his cab stand, while visiting other local businesses to meet what he wants
If you can fulfill what he wants, he will drive over to the train station to help shuttle new citizens to your city.
Also, you can send him off to pick up fares in city and make money for you pocket.

After progressing in the game for a while, you can unlock new areas with different features that you have to build for generating income

As said earlier, you will often meet people to talk to
At this point, you will see what the people want to talk which is presented in a speech bubble.
In addition, this game will be free to play on mobile that is worth to wait to play with


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