Move the Walls A Twitchy Arcade Game Goes to iOS

BeaverTap has recently announced to launch their newest game called Move the Walls that is a new simple yet engaging arcade game that you can play on ios device.

move the walls walkthrough ios android

This game is all about doing what it says in the title.
Here, you are tasked to clear a path by moving the walls to the right or to the left.

You will go through several different stages featuring a moving car, a boat, a balloon and more, in which you have to swipe to reposition the walls that are in your way so that you can pass through the gaps.

In the mean time, all you will have to do then is to move walls so that the car or the boat can keep moving forward.

This game will also come along with an endless game’s experience and it also features a color graphical style that will make your walls moving sessions more fun.
In a glance, the gameplay experience seems to be rather simple, which you play on the go.

In addition, this game will firstly go to the apple store later this week
Along with the first launch of this game, this game will be available for free with an IAP costing $0.99 which will allow you to remove in-game ads for full version.


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