Mos Speedrun 2 Goes to iOS

If you ever played the popular platforming game called Mos Speedrun by Physmo on your phone, you may be happy as this game will continue to the next sequel called Mos Speedrun 2 that will come to the apple store next month

mos speedrun 2 walkthrough ios android

As usual, similar to the previous series, this game will cast a little insect dude with a pair of antennae to explore each area and to avoid enemies and environmental hazard while collecting gold coins along the way

On the other side, you will then guide your character to travel across a series of challenging levels while you will get to do a lot of jumps to get your action completed well

To support your actions, you will be equipped with new abilities such as rope-swinging, block-pushing, and even a bit of jelly-swimming.
Throughout the game, you will be brought to go through 30 levels, and 30 skulls to take out.

In this new series, you will experience a lot of additional mechanics, like rope-swinging, wall-jumping and block-pushing in each environment.
And, this new series seems to be an improvement from the original one

This game also features a revamped costume system where you can mix and match outfits for your character

In related to the premier launching on mobile platforms, this game will land on the App Store as a paid game with no IAP sometimes next month
But, if you want to taste this game, you can play it on steam earlier this month

Plus, this game seems to be made in flexibility where you can expect MFi controller support in the iOS version and it may also compatible with an Apple TV version as well


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