Mohouotome Will Come to iPhone Soon

Cave as a big game developer of several successful shooter games such as the DoDonPachi series and several others is now in the progress of launching its newest game named as Mahouotome.

mohouotome walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to take control of a group of maidens who have the main objective that is to rescue the world from a terrible menace.

Here, every playable character will come along with unique powers as well as two different types of shots that can be more effective which is based on the enemy type.
In line with this, Mahouotome will give each player an exciting shooter experience

Similar to several other shooter games, you will also have to shoot down a huge number of enemies and you will then deal with a big boss at the end of each stage.

In addition, Mahouotome will firstly be presented on the App Store in Japan on April and hopefully the developer will also launch a possible release in all other regions.


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