Mini Motor Racing WRT Will Come to iOS

The Binary Mill will present Mini Motor Racing WRT which is the sequel of the previous game Mini Motor Racing that was as popular game on the apple store few years ago

mini motor racing wrt walkthrough ios android

And, this game can be said as the ultimate racing experience for mobile, in that it features the same fast paced, top-down arcade fun, that will bring you to show your action to a whole new level.

This game will be more engaging to play as this is made with a rich RPG-style career mode that will let you build a fleet of unique vehicles and get the finest hand-picked racing team including the best mechanics, managers, and engineers that will help you become the World Racing Tournament champion.

In multiplayer mode, you can also take the challenge to the real world by building a Race Club with your friends then go racing with other racers from other players around the world online.

On the other side, in massive career mode, you will be able to travel across the world, through dozens of vibrant environments, while trying to get to the top of the World racing Tour.
Moreover, this mode also features some interesting role playing games mechanics that will force you to earn money and upgrade your cars.

Everytime you win the race, you will get money that you can use to buy or build dozens of vehicles
Afterwards, you can then upgrade your cars to help handle a range of racing conditions, from tarmac to off-road to heavy rain.

Moreover, you are also be able to team up with your friends and challenge other clubs to race head-to-head battles for fame, glory, and getting some rewards on the line.

Throughout the game, you will be served with incredible HD graphics, in which you will also go through over 30 new and classic tracks, league and challenge modes, club battles, and massive single player career
You will be able to drive some popular cars which are officially licensed Nissan, KIA and Choro-Q vehicles.

Seemingly, this new game fro The Binary Mill will be be the perfect racing game to play on mobile.
In addition, this game is a free to play and it also features some strong “Micro Machines” vibes, in that you can check it out if you make a progress of playing with some of these toy machines.


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