Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5 Will Come to iOS

After launching the first series of Minecraft Story Mode few month back, now Telltale Games will continue to launch the next series of such game into episode 5 for the ios and android platforms

minecraft story mode episode 5 walkthrough ios android

In this new series, the developer seems to manage to input very few thought possible which a story focused adventure game.

Moreover, the developer also confirmed that the characters such as Ivor, Jesse and the other ones in this new series will go to an abandoned temple to find a brand new world called Sky City.

Additionally, there will be three additonal episodes added in this year, which will expand the story further to follow.

Seemingly, this new series will concentrate on new and unfamiliar worlds
So, for those who have enjoyed the previous series of the game, you may be brought to experience more the gameplay in the next few days.

In related to the premier launching of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5 as a new series, it is will soon available on the App Store this week in all regions
In the mean time, three other episodes will also come during the course of this year.

Thus, make sure you are the one downloading and installing this new episode of Minecraft Story Mode on your phone once it comes to the apple store this week


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