Mighty Match as Three Matching RPG Goes to iOS

Mighty Match will be a new match-3 RPGs that you can download from the App Store and play on your device.

mighty match wallthrough ios android

This game is all about fighting creatures and finding loot through the power of match-3 rpg that you can play on mobile.
Similar to any rpg out there, you will not explore and go for quest completion in the game
Here, you will merely create matches to the components or objects on the board with your swipe action

In other words, this is turn-based combat game where you will have to survive on a board which is full of items and enemies
So, you must do some swipes to clear them and complete the goal.

Anyway, this game is still in the progress of getting the final touch before it is ready to launch on the apple store and android market

Besides, this game will come free which means it has no download price and no in-app purchases
But, there may be some ads popping up in the middle of the game in which those ads are the main source for the developer to scale up this game with more updates


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